Defib used to save footballer Luke Ferguson

Penshurst footballer Luke Ferguson is in stable condition after suffering a cardiac arrest last night.

A Geelong University Hospital spokesperson confirmed Ferguson’s condition has been updated from critical to stable today.

Saturday’s Mininera and District Football League match between Penshurst and Hawkesdale-Macarthur will go ahead at this point in time.

League president John Box said the league and Penshurst have been in discussions about this weekend’s game.

“At this stage everything will go ahead as scheduled,” he said.

“We have had ongoing contact with the club last night and today.

“Our main concern is for Luke.”

The league has the option to play the match on May 19 when the league has a bye if they cannot do so tomorrow.

Ferguson was revived at training by a defibrillator the club had on hand.

All Mininera league clubs have defibrillators in their clubrooms in an initiative introduced by the league.

“It is something we pushed very hard for in case situations such as these ever arose,” Box said.

“You never want to use them but when you have got them there they can potentially save lives like in this case.”


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